The same industry leading performance - Now in a limited edition Pro series

The lightest and most responsive wireless gaming mouse ever now meets the most iconic and decorated esports players of all time.

With a 31 gram carbon fiber composite chassis and industry leading wireless performance, the ULX Pro Series surpasses every benchmark for purity of aim.

And with a livery personally designed by it's respective pro, this limited edition series becomes the ultimate expression for the greatest players of all time.

experience pure aim and see what lightweight truly means.

The objective is simple. Reach the point where your mind, hand, and mouse become one. Pure response, pure engagement, and pure aim.

The ULX Pro Series takes the Finalmouse ethos to a new level. You've never felt anything like it before.

Aim for greatness.

The ULX Pro Series is designed in collaboration with Pros who share values that transcend gaming.

Every Pro Series ULX is an embodiment of perseverance, will, and the strength of the human spirit.

It's a reminder to never give up and never surrender - no matter how hard it may get.

The best just got better

The UltralightX Pro Series includes all the industry leading technologies in the base ULX combined with extra Pro Series exclusives.

Unique to the Pro Series is a custom specced superbinned Huano Blueshell switch uniquely designed in collaboration between our engineers and Huano. In concert with improved mechanical designs, the results are nothing short of game changing.

The Pro Series also features an exclusive ProGrip coating. For the first time we are able to coat the Carbon Fiber Composite chassis with a soft touch finish that provides a smooth, durable, and natural grip.

Get more details about the fundamental features of the ULX by checking out the standard UltralightX overview page. The same technologies in the standard UltralightX are utilized in the ULX Pro Series.