Beyond Next Generation Performance.

At only 31 grams and with wireless polling rates up to 8000 Hz the ULX breaks every benchmark and unlocks new possibilities for your aim.

You've never felt anything like it before.

Impossibly light. Impossibly weightless. At only 31 grams the ULX weighs less than the amount of sugar in a can of Coke.

For another reference; that's less than the weight of 1 Strawberry.

Carbon FIber Composite Honeycomb Chassis.

Meticulous mechanical engineering and material advancement allowed us to get lighter and stronger than ever thought possible.

The strength to weight ratio of the new carbon fiber composite is over three times better than ABS and a third better than magnesium.

3 Sizes

The UltralightX comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, that we have aptly code named Cheetah, Lion, and Tiger.

So no matter your grip style or hand size there will be an UltralightX optimized for you, to aim your best.

8000Hz Wireless Polling.

We engineered the hardware and firmware by meticulously optimizing for every last microsecond of latency. This performance is for those that demand no compromises.

Cutting edge innovations have allowed us to reach wireless polling rates of up to 8000hz and click latencies of under 300 microseconds

Ultralight Click Tensioning.

With the UltralightX we recognized that light clicks with low resistance force were just as crucial to improving aim performance as mouse weight.

With an all new mechanical design and tensioning system the ULX provides clicks so light that there is nearly no resistance between the user and the pure force of the switch.

USB Highspeed Dual Chip Receiver.

The dongle was upgraded to USB highspeed by utilizing a dual microcontroller architecture, with one chip dedicated to the radio and one to the USB. Compared to standard USB full speed, packets are delivered 8 times faster.

Latest generation pixart sensor with onchip motion sync.

This more precise sensor allows us to capture and send mouse data to our microcontroller at a faster interval, allowing for higher wireless polling rates.

The sensor also includes onchip motion synchronization reducing latency compared to a software algorithm on the MCU.

Industry leading battery life.

With intermittent use gamers can expect to reach an average of two months without needing to charge their ULX.

Continuous use hours vary based on Polling Rate.


Get enthusiast level control with the all new XPANEL. A driverless web application that gives you detailed configuration capability and visibility over your UltralightX.

Engineering the UltralightX