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Starlight-12 Phantom

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We estimate that the Starlight-12 Phantom's from the November 8th drop will begin to ship out around the beginning or middle of December. This 3-5 week wait time is just an estimate. There is also no guarantee that orders will be shipped in the order they were received.


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Starlight-12 Phantom

The Magnesium chassis and construction for the Starlight Phantom has been improved and refined in a multitude of ways. Structural support, wheel adjustments, base adjustments, click changes, and pcba changes were all made to create an even more polished feeling when holding the Starlight-12 in hand. The weight of the mouse has not been affected and we expect the Starlight-12 phantom to actually come in lighter than its predecessors. 

For a complete description of updates please see the bottom of this description page. 

Starlight-12 Magnesium Chassis with Ultem Base

The Magnesium Chassis can slightly vary in thickness due to the manufacturing processes & complexities involved. Therefor the weight of each individual mouse may vary by +- 2 grams.

Final assembled weight including battery/feet/screws/paint/coating is ~42 grams for Small and ~47 grams for medium

The bottom of the mouse is made of Ultem NOT magnesium for the purposes of allowing the wireless signal to escape. It is therefor not as strong as magnesium and should not be squeezed or strength tested as one could with the sides or top of the mouse.

Finalsensor / Godspeed Wireless / Battery Performance

The Finalsensor is designed to go into various stages of rest mode after being in idle for set periods of time. Testing the mouse from a standstill if the mouse is in a rest mode will not reflect the accurate latency performance of the mouse

Finalsensor is an industry leading flawless esports sensor with a Resolution (cpi) of up to 20,000. And an IPS of ~450+ with integrated illumination. You can expect next gen performance.

The Godspeed Wireless technology is built on the industry leading Nordic RF platform (nrf52840) with state of the art firmware developed inhouse. With years of testing and development in RF chambers you can expect reliability and performance that is better than a wired mouse. The polling rate of the mouse is 1000hz. The firmware for the Starlight-12 is constantly being improved and updated to ensure perfect performance.

The Starlight-12 utilizes a high end rechargable Jauch Lithium Ion battery. Due to the revolutionary engineering that went into the power optimization of the sensor, pcb, and firmware you can expect long durations without needing to charge. Continuous battery life is estimated at ~160 hours, average use case life is estimated at 3 weeks, below average use case life is estimated at 7 weeks, idle use case of ~16+ weeks.

Starlight-12 Phantom Detailed summary of improvements

The Starlight Phantom has a slew of updates & refinements. Firstly, we will be using force binned Kailh gm 8.0 switches in replacement of the current Omron 20m switches for the left, right, and middle click. The wheel tooling has been modified by .2mm to center it perfectly. The wheel posts & housing have been given extra stability without adding additional weight. The Mylar Pads that control the left & right click tolerance have been redesigned to prevent them from sliding off. The upper magnesium is now being pretensioned in a new proprietary process designed to make the clicks feel even lighter & snappier. The click force will also then be checked by hand on each unit, and industry first. The PCB is being more securely mounted to the ultem base to prevent if from popping out of its tabs and also to prevent creaking & flex, this will not add additional weight. Further processes have been added to magnesium fabrication to prevent abnormalities such as dead zones and warp. For users that want a higher LOD setting we will be adding a driverless key combination on boot sequence to change to 2mm LOD. Dpi values have been corrected to bring them more in line with their listed values. And lastly encoder debounce is being adjusted to prevent accidental mousewheel up/down actuation.